An intersect overlay defines the area where both inputs overlap and retains a set of attribute fields for each. A symmetric difference overlay defines an output area that includes the total area of both inputs except for the overlapping area. GIS spatial analysis is a rapidly changing field, and GIS packages are increasingly including analytical tools as standard built-in facilities, as optional toolsets, as add-ins or ‘analysts’. In many instances these are provided by the original software suppliers , while in other cases facilities have been developed and are provided by third parties. Geospatial intelligence, based on GIS spatial analysis, has also become a key element for security.

  • The vertical column below the tabs, which takes up most of the rest of the Navigation pane, changes depending on which of the tabs above is selected.
  • The WinForms Navigation Pane provides a navigation UI similar to Microsoft Outlook, with support to expand and collapse a view using the header.
  • Adding or removing buttons is another option for customizing the Navigation Pane.
  • To remove an entire section, right-click a heading and select “Delete.”

Also, simpler ontologies and semantic metadata standards are being proposed by the W3C Geo Incubator Group to represent geospatial data on the web. The condition of the Earth’s surface, atmosphere, and subsurface can be examined by feeding satellite data 2GIS download for android mobile apk into a GIS. GIS technology gives researchers the ability to examine the variations in Earth processes over days, months, and years. As an example, the changes in vegetation vigor through a growing season can be animated to determine when drought was most extensive in a particular region. The resulting graphic represents a rough measure of plant health. Working with two variables over time would then allow researchers to detect regional differences in the lag between a decline in rainfall and its effect on vegetation.


In the example below, listing service StreetEasy gives customers a layout of 30 streets in lower Manhattan. It then shows numbered clusters to display how many apartments are in a smaller subsection of the map. This provides users with a more holistic view of the map without needing to zoom in on particular areas. The example below shows that the user is capable of toggling between data and the map, enabling the user to see how the data is being translated. In this example, the user has chosen to present data with bubbles to show world population by country.

The waiting room can also be enabled/disabled during a meeting via the Security Icon or the Participants Panel. Audio – This section is locked, with “Telephone and Computer Audio” selected. This gives participants the option to join the meeting with audio connected either over the phone or their computer . The Canvas-Zoom integration allows instructors to schedule and manage online class meetings with their students.

Zoom Quick Start Guide

Click items without checkmarks to add them to the Navigation Pane. By default Outlook 2007 displays buttons in the available space of the Navigation Pane. If you increase the width of the pane (Read point 4.) it will add more buttons that would fit in that space.

You can also select to find certain formats, such as text formatted with a specific font or paragraph style. Clicking the Special button allows you to search for many special characters and marks. In Word 2010 and Word 2013, pressing Ctrl+F brings up the Navigation pane and “checks” the Navigation Pane check box. In Word 2007 this shortcut key brings up the Find tab of the Find and Replace dialog box. The reason is because Word folded simple searching tasks into the Navigation pane, so that is what is displayed.