Of the many people in the State of Connecticut licensed to sell realestate, 12,000 are REALTORS. These REALTORS belong to the Connecticut Associationof REALTORS, Inc., the National Association of REALTORS and one of 32 localBoards of REALTORS. Members of the REALTOR organization must follow a strictCode of Ethics, ensuring their clients and customers receive the best servicepossible.

REALTORS must keep updated on the latest environmental challengesand legislative initiatives which impact private property rights and homeownership.

REALTORS have access to the multiple listing service, which offers thegreatest exposure to the property for the seller. This also allows the buyerthe largest selection of inventory to choose from. The easiest and way tochoosing a REALTOR is through word of mouth. Once you’ve established a goodrapport with a REALTOR, the entire homebuying process will seem much easier.Remember that your REALTOR will be helping you through one of the most importanttransactions you will ever make. It’s important that there be mutual respectand trust. Your REALTOR will be privy to your financial status and adviseyou accordingly. In many cases, your REALTOR can direct you to several lenders.

Your REALTOR will know the best way to market a property and will priceit accurately, creatiang a fair price for both buyer and seller.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, your REALTOR will assist youthrough the process step by step, offering a wealth of information. Yourinterests will be well protected as dealings will be fair and ethical.

The Connecticut Association of Realtors will be distributing a copy ofThe Mortgage Almanac to all designated REALTORS as part of their annualmembership package. For more information, contact Gina Krar at The ConnecticutAssociation of REALTORS at 316 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105-3300,(203) 522-7255.

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