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Book Reviews

Book Review: Your Bank is Ripping You Off

Book Review: The Virgin Homeowner

Book Review: The Foolproof Guide to Buying a Home

Book Review: Dress Your House for Success

Book Review: Tips and Traps When Mortgage Hunting

Credit Issues

The 123's of Credit Scores

How to Clean Up Your Credit

How Your Credit is Evaluated When Applying for a Loan

Understanding Your Credit Report

Construction Loans and the Construction Process

The Nuts and Bolts of Construction Loans II

The Nuts and Bolts of Construction Loans

Environmental Issues

Legal Update: Massachusetts Title V

Lead Paint Update

Financial Planning

Renting v. Owning Compared

Plan to Retire Mortgage Free

First Time Home Buyer Programs

Acorn Program Helps First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a Home: '90's Style

Low Cost Loans for First Time Home Buyers

Honeymooners Become Home Owners

Foreclosed Properties

Home Buyers Surf The Net for Foreclosed Property Deals

HUD Foreclosure Auction: The Mortgage Almanac Goes On Location

How to Buy Foreclosure Properties at Auction

Government and Economy

Home Ownership Under President Clinton's Second Term

Government Loan Programs

2008 Housing Act Details

HUD's Title I Program

Community Programs Help Owners Save Their Homes Using HUD's 203k

HUD's 203k Program

Warning for Veterans On Assumptions

Home Equity Loan Programs

Reposition Your Debt With New Home Equity Programs

HUD's Title I Program

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Your Pool is Not Your Only Liquid Asset

Interest Rates

Interest Rates Remain Low (Fall1998)

Winning the Interest Rate Lock-In Game

Interest Rates in an Election Year


Insurance Policies You May or May Not Need When You Buy your Home

How Much Is Enough?

Unemployment Protection

Mortgages and the Law

Mortgage Application and Closing Process

Pre-Approved Beats Pre-Qualified

Buying a Home is as Easy as Buying a Car

Pre-Qualify Before You Buy

How Much House Can I Afford?

How Much Money Do I Need to Buy a Home?

How Much Will You Need for Closing Costs

Cut Closing Costs to the Bone

A Lender Speaks

What Happens at The Closing

A Review of Massachusetts Consumer Complaints

Top Ten Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Consumer Guidelines for Mortgage Applicants

When Women Borrow

Loan Approvals are Easy

Loan Shopping in Your Supermarket

Mortgage Industry

Home Buyers Surf the 'Net Part 2: What's Happened in a Year

Net Notes: New England Lenders On-Line

Home Buyers Surf the 'Net Part 1

Mortgage Insurance

Another Look at Mortgage Insurance

Get Rid of Mortgage Insurance

How to Save on Mortgage Insurance Costs

The Facts About Private Mortgage Insurance

Non-Profit Housing Programs

Community Programs Help Owners Save Their Homes Using HUD's 203k

Christmas in April: The Mortgage Almanac Goes on Location

Non-Profit Housing Programs: Allston-Brighton/Fenway in Boston

Post-Closing Issues

Preventing Foreclosure

Real Estate

Making That Offer

Saving for That Down Payment

What to Expect From a Home Inspector

The Attorney Protects the Home Buyer

Caveat Emptor for Home Buyers

Connecticut Real Estate Law Changes

The Realtor is the Key to Home Ownership

Real Estate Investing

Is Real Estate Investing For You?


Rates Plunge: Refinance Now! (1998)

When is it Time to Refinance?

Special Loans and Financing

Consumer Alert: Reverse Mortgage Scams

Special Loans for Wealthy Borrowers

Loans for Self-Employed Borrowers

Portfolio Lending Helps Home Buyers With Unique Situations

Jumbo Loans Go Mainstream

White Knight Loans for Self-Employed Borrowers

Special Properties

Alternative Housing Options: Condos and Coops

Are You Ready for a Summer Home?

Is a Multi-Family Property For You?

Special Considerations When Purchasing a Condominium

Taxes and Real Estate

Tax Savings for Home Owners - 1998 Changes

Title Insurance

A Home Buyer's Worst Nightmare: A Story About Title Insurance


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